Flea Bath$15.00De-Skunk Bath$15.00



$15.00 per 15 minutes

At Your Leisure (No appointment necessary!)

Nail Trim

  *Due to COVID19 nail trims require an appointment*


*In the event your dog arrives matted and tangled, we are obligated to charge in 15-minute increments for the time it takes to brush out mats. Severely matted dogs will be shaved at the groomer's discretion to avoid any pain

A La Carte​​​​​

Teeth Brushed


Moisturizing Pad Treatment    


The Pooch Parlor uses high quality, chemical free products because your pet's health, safety and comfort is important to us! Appointments & pricing are based on 4-6 week return visits and at-home coat maintenance.  All g​rooming services include:

Signature Spa Service

Top Shelf Tidy

Elite Style Service

Prices vary based on size, temperament, coat condition and frequency of appointments.